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Tasty Tuesday – Coconut Chicken Soup

I tried this recipe last week and it was delightful! It is full of creamy flavor, but still light. My husband and I loved it. Jude thought it was ok and Zane would only have the broth.November 2013 048 (2)I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest. I altered it a bit. I didn’t use garlic or chilis – I’m not a big fan of garlic and I wanted to make it tame enough that the boys would eat it. Jude likes spicy stuff in small quantities, but I need to not go crazy with it. I also added some red, yellow and orange diced peppers and some green onion on top to garnish.November 2013 049It was also super simple to make which is always great for midweek meals. I’ll definitely be making this again.November 2013 047 (2)What Autumn recipes are you cooking up?

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Challenge #3 Mexican Meatball Soup

So this isn’t entirely a new recipe, I’ve actually made it at least four or five other times, but I can’t stop raving about it, so I figured it deserved a space on the blog.

I got this recipe from my sister, I’m not sure where she got it. I had it several times at her house & always loved it, but didn’t make it myself for a long time. Now that I’ve started making it myself, it has become a regular on our menu.

Here is my list of reasons why I love it:

  • It’s tasty.
  • It’s easy.
  • It’s adaptable.
  • It’s low fat/low cal/low carb.
  • It’s filling.
  • Everyone in my family loves it!

I make it a bit different every time & use the recipe as a guide. You can add corn, beans, chilis – whatever you have around. I actually usually use ground turkey instead of ground beef – though both are delicious. Topped with some grated cheese & sour cream or even on its own – it’s a super meal.

Mexican Meatball Soup

1 beaten egg
½ c chopped onion
¼ c cornmeal
4 oz can green chili chopped
1 clove garlic minced
¾ t salt
¼ t oregano
1/8 t pepper
1 lb ground beef or ground turkey
3 c water or broth
16 oz can diced tomatoes
8 oz can crushed tomatoes
1/3 c chopped onion
1 clove garlic minced
1 ½ t salt
1 ½ t chili powder
¼ t pepper
¼ t oregano 

Combine top ingredients and mix well.  Set aside.  In large pan combine bottom and ingredients and bring to boil.  Make meatballs and add to soup.  Cover and reduce to simmer for 30 minutes.  Serves 6

Mexican Meatball Soup

Make sure you make plenty, because next day leftovers are so good!