Challenge #6 Outfits #6 & #7

I was sick yesterday so I didn’t post, but here’s my two latest outfits!

I’m loving this challenge, even though I’m not that far into it. I’m thinking differently about my clothes – looking for different things to wear & thinking when I wear things that I won’t be able to wear them again until April!

Outfit #6 – I wore some shoes I haven’t worn for at least a couple of years. Loved them! They were super comfortable for the most part & I loved my jeggings!

Outfit #6

Outfit #7 – Spring is springing! At least it was earlier today. In honour of it’s arrival for the day I wore flats with no socks & no coat while I was out & about today. It was a beautiful day in my neighbourhood!

Outfit #7

For details of this challenge, click here.


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