Lent is here. Last night we had our pancakes for dessert, but didn’t party it up much as I was ill. Today, we begin the journey toward Easter. I wasn’t raised to consider Lent much. We were raised as Christians, but not in the variety that observes Lent. As an adult, I’ve been drawn to the idea of Lent. For me, it’s about self-sacrifice & identifying with Christ.

Lenten fasts can be confidential & I think it’s admirable when people don’t make a big deal about what they are doing for Lent – either giving something up or taking on a new habit or ritual. I also think it’s great when people share what they are doing for Lent as I believe in the importance of community for support, accountability & cheerleading!

That being said, I am doing three things for Lent:

1. I am not watching tv in the afternoons. This is usually my time to veg out & while that’s important, it can tend to take over my day. My time will instead be spent with my sons or working on household projects or reading or doing something creative or praying.

2. I am not having the radio on in the car. I’ve actually been searching the dial for a good radio station here in town, but to no avail. (A purely personal taste thing) I’ve been listening to Top 40 stuff & I’m kind of sad about it. Lots of trash. We also don’t have any kind of workable MP3 set up in the car so there’s nothing but the radio. My attention in the car will therefore be interacting with my boys & husband if they are in the car with me & prayer if I am alone.

3. I am going to only eat when I am hungry & stop before I’m full. I have issues with food. Now is not the time to go into all the details, but I’m definitely a comfort/emotional eater. I am going to eat mindfully, paying attention to my body & responding to its needs, not just its wants. I actually think this will be more difficult for me than a complete fast – I’m not good at moderation!

I’m excited about this journey before me & the celebration at the end.


2 thoughts on “Lent

  1. I’ve never celebrated Lent either. I am a Christian, but my family has just never been to a church that makes a big deal about it. I think that giving up something is something that is a personal thing and is a choice. If we give things up, it should be purely a choice thing so that we can become closer to family or to God. I am currently giving up Facebook for one week. I started Saturday but I’m not doing it for Lent. I decided to do it because Facebook began to take over parts of my life and I was not devoting the time I thought I should to God and reading my Bible and such and I may go longer than a week or may just get on Facebok once or twice a week after this. I think the problem with some of the denominations or religions that to Lent, is that it’s much of a traditional thing that in a sense seems very forced. For example, I know several Catholics and the only reason they give things up is because their family pushes it and they feel like they are being bad Christians if they don’t go along with the traditions. They don’t do it to draw closer to God, but because it seems forced.

    I hope you stick to your goals! TV can defiteley suck you in and I have been guilty of that one as well. I’ve started listening to mostly upbeat worship music while I’m driving because some of the music on the radio now is really just horrible. I tend to eat because I’m bored or because I’m craving a certain flavor and lately I’ve been trying to cut down on that. None of it is easy but God will help you through it and as long as you stay busy, these things will seem easier as well (especially eating issues)!

    God bless!

  2. I love your ideas for lent – especially giving up the radio in the car. You’re right – so much trash on the radio. I might steal that idea!!

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