Challenge #6 Outfit #8

I love the outfit I am wearing today – so comfy! I made the shrug out of some leftover fabric from another dress I am making – so easy to do & great for keeping the arms warm – allows me to wear Spring/Summer dresses in the winter.

I also have to tell you the story of my boots. They are lovely boots – can be worn up to the knee or down, folded or scrunched. Sadly, I almost didn’t have them. I had a pair of boots almost exactly like this & wore them a lot before I had kids. After being pregnant twice – my feet went up a size & stayed there! I recently was cleaning out my closet & rediscovered these boots & was excited to wear them again – when I put them on, they weren’t comfortable any more – they didn’t fit! Annoyed. So I did a little internet searching but to no avail.

I wandered into the Humane Society Thrift Store – low & behold, there was a brand new pair for $15 in the right size! Yay for thrifting!

Outfit #8
Outfit #8 Homemade Shrug

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One thought on “Challenge #6 Outfit #8

  1. So you know why they call it a shrug? The person who invented the item of clothing was asked “what is that?” and all they could do in reply was…

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