Challenge #6 Outfit #18

It’s laundry day! That means that I’m in my sweats all day so there won’t be an outfit post today, but I do have an outfit post from yesterday.

I LOVE the skirt I’m wearing. I found it in a huge pile of second-hand clothes in the hall that my community group was moving into in London. It started off as a dress – I can’t even remember what it looked like, but I sort of wish I’d kept it as a dress. However, I don’t think I’d have worn it as much as a dress. It’s polyester wonderfulness & the pattern is amazing! Colours I love & a beautiful design.

I was a bit disappointed with my outfit though. I wore a plain top & my reasoning at the time was that since the skirt is so wild & colorful, I need a plain top. However, I think it looks a bit sloppy & under-styled. I’ll do better next time I wear the skirt.

Outfit #18


The Bangs are Taking Over!

I really must do something about my hair! I am so long overdue for a haircut. I’m planning on going very red again for the summer, but I am struggling to find a hairstyle that I really like – something that is funky, easy & versatile. Hopefully soon!

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