Challenge #6 Outfit #19

A playdate at a local bouncy castle place was on the agenda for yesterday so I knew I had to be casual & comfortable.

A simple outfit that I thought worked well. I wore a shawl/cape thing instead of a coat. At the bouncy castle place I kept it on quite a bit because I was really cold. That’s when a little girl came up to me & said I looked like a witch. Nice! Ah well, hopefully I was a good-looking, stylish witch.

Outfit #19
Outfit #19

Sweater: Ross
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Ross

It’s an ode to Ross day!

I’d like to take a moment to talk about boots. A couple of years ago, I set out on a hunt for a pair of black boots that would be my “go to” boots. They needed to be stylish & comfortable. I spent more than I should on several different pairs of boots – mostly ordered online. Some of them I still have & enjoy wearing, but none of them were exactly what I wanted. Then I found this pair of boots in Ross for less than $25 & they were nearly perfect. I told myself that if I ever found them again, I’d buy another pair & more than a year later, in a different State at a different Ross, I found them again & bought them. I love them that much! They aren’t perfect, but they’re close.

I’ve become much more focused in what I buy lately. I used to buy pretty much anything if it was on sale, but now I am thinking about basics that I want to find & I am intentional in looking for them. I’ll still look for the best deal, but wearablity is so much more important than having lots of things in my closet that I can’t or don’t want to wear.

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One thought on “Challenge #6 Outfit #19

  1. Regarding witches. Have you noticed that in modern pop culture witches are always portrayed as super hot women? So maybe the girl thought she was paying you a compliment. And if not, you can still turn her to stone.

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