My Friend's Boots

I am so comfortable today! I’m wearing one of my new cardigan’s from Old Navy that I got on clearance for less than $2! In my favourite tights & shorts & my boots. I have to tell you about my boots. I met a dear friend of mine, Michaela, almost 15 years ago in England. We were roommates for quite a while. Her style was very different from mine, but I really liked it. She wore a lot of white & neutrals – she always looked so natural. She had this pair of ankle boots that I loved – they were stylish & comfortable. They were also brown – I didn’t wear brown shoes – probably had something to do with the fact that brown shoes were required as part of my high school uniform. Anyway, I loved her shoes. A couple of years after I met Michaela, my Mom was going to buy me a pair of shoes for my birthday. We headed to Oxford Street in London & had a Mom & daughter shopping day. I can’t remember the store, but we found a very similar pair of boots to Michaela’s except in black! So these shoes have travelled the world with me & still fit despite my feet getting bigger with pregnancy. (I have no idea why some shoes I can still wear & some I can’t) Love my boots!

Cardigan: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Source of Wisdom
Tights: Target
Necklace: Vintage/Thrifted
Boots: Some shop in London


One thought on “My Friend's Boots

  1. Love your boots!! What fun, my brown boots are dead and buried, but yours live on, and that brings me joy! Such happy memories xoxox

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