Challenge #1 Infrared Photo Effect

I love the infrared photo effect. I didn’t have a great photo to start with. I have just got to get out there and take more pictures – I’m pretty good about taking pictures of my family, but I need to be better about just going out & taking pictures. Anyway, I wanted a recent picture & this is what I had. I think the infrared effect looks better when you start with brighter, more saturated colours, but I went with what I had. I love the photo – it’s my courageous boy, Jude on his first tree climbing adventure.

I used this tutorial & loved it. It was so clear & easy to follow. With some techniques, the writers seem to assume that you know more than you do. This tutorial may have included more info than necessary, but I prefer it that way.



I’m looking forward to using this effect on more photos in the future & I’ll definitely use this tutorial.

For details of this challenge, click here.


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