Bubbles & Sunshine

We had a beautiful Spring morning & a blustery Winter afternoon. I attired myself for the morning. We spent some time in the back garden enjoying the sunshine. Then we went to a “Spring” festival in the afternoon – it was so cold! Coats & gloves cold.

I wore a floaty, gauzy top with a bubble motif plus capris & flats with no socks – I felt very fun & floaty. Not sure if I like the look though – might just be the photo, but I’m wondering if it made me look bigger. Ah well – I was really comfortable & I liked how I felt in it. I wore a hard-edged, crystally necklace as a contrast to the soft bubble pattern.

Shrug: Ross
Shirt: Z. Cavaricci
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Can’t remember…
Necklace: Walmart


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