Did you mug a doll for that hat?

I got quite a few comments at church on my little top hat. Mostly good, but also a bit taken aback. My husband was fairly cheeky about my wee little hat – he liked the rest of my Easter outfit, but thought the little hat was slightly ridiculous. I love it though! One lady asked me if I got it from a doll. Ah well.

We had a lovely Easter weekend with my sister & her family up in Washington. Good times of celebrating Passover, birthdays, Easter & just being together. Sunday was packed with church, photos, Easter baskets, lunch & the long journey home over the mountains. Today will be filled with getting groceries & unpacking!


I tip my hat to you
I love the bit of tulle poking out.
Me & My Colin

 Sweater: Ross
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Sbecca
Headband: Claires


3 thoughts on “Did you mug a doll for that hat?

  1. “My head went through a sudden growth spurt recently, and I haven’t yet had the chance to buy a new hat.”

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