A Rant & A Rave About Forever 21

One of the things I like about going to see my sister & her family in Tacoma (besides all the good family times, of course), is visiting stores we don’t have in wee Bend. I was super excited about going to H&M this past weekend – I’ve found lots of fun stuff there in the past – both for me & the boys.

So Stephanie & I headed out to H&M on Friday. When we got to the mall, I saw that there was a Forever 21 store. I must be a bit behind the times, but I had no idea they had actual brick & mortar stores – I thought they were only online. So we went in & had some interesting experiences. We actually ended up going back the next day so that I could exchange something, but I will include all our experiences as one visit to the store.

First off, the music was so loud – maybe I’m just getting old, but it was crazy! It was also the most disorganised store I’ve ever been into – nothing is sorted by anything really – size, style, color. If you see something you like on a rack, you then have to search through racks trying to find it in your size. Good luck! saw a cute top on a mannequin & I really wanted to find it – never did. We asked assistants several times & they just wandered around like we had been doing, searching through the racks – except one girl who just said, “If it’s here, it will be somewhere around the escalator.” Hmmm. Helpful. Eventually, I told them that I thought the one on the mannequin would fit me, & could they please get it for me – nope, apparently that’s against the rules. I told them that I wanted to give them money for their product, that their merchandisers had done their jobs well & I wanted to buy what they were selling…nope. I left without that lovely top.

There were so many people working there, but I’m not sure what they were doing. It was crazy. Such a very odd shopping experience. On a more positive note, the store was HUGE & I don’t think we scratched the surface of looking at everything. They have super fun clothes & accessories at great prices & both my sister & I got some great stuff (but not that cute poncho top). Oh, and I’m glad we went to Forever 21, because H&M didn’t have much that interested me this time.

My leggings are from the super clearance sale at Old Navy, but I’m not too sure about them. I love the zipper on the side, but they are so long! My shoes from Forever 21 are so comfortable, I can’t believe how high they are & I’ve been wanting a pair of wedges like this for ages. It’s a grey & black outfit so I added a bit of colour with my earrings.

Top: Ross
Skirt: Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21


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