Challenge #3 Peanut Sauce

So when I was planning this week’s menu I had a hankering for Peanut Sauce. I did my usual interweb search & came up with a few possibilities – they all sounded really good, but would require some prep & fancy ingredients. Then I stumbled across this recipe & I was super excited to try it out.

I used Costco Pico de Gallo, unsweetened, chunky peanut butter & blue agave syrup. Let me tell you, it was good stuff. I had planned to try some of the other recipes that I came across, but I will have a hard time passing this up next time I have a hankering.

It ain’t pretty in pictures, but it is so tasty. I would never have thought to make peanut sauce with salsa, but it is genius & so easy. I heated it up, but also tasted it cold – it was great both ways.

Magic Peanut Sauce

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5 thoughts on “Challenge #3 Peanut Sauce

  1. Oh yes darling, we don’t just use the humble honey. Only the best blue agave for us don’t you know.

    It’s not even blue.

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