The Paper Doll Project

I’m so excited that I am participating in the second Paper Doll Project sponsored by Miss Vinyl Ahoy. She matches up style bloggers who then get to wander virtually through each other’s wardrobes & style an outfit for one another. Each blogger suggests one item that they would like their outfit styled around & the other blogger builds an outfit. You can check out all the participants here.

I was paired up with Missy from Pieces of My Earth & it has been great getting to know her. She also got engaged during the time we were emailing back & forth – so a big congratulations to her! She’s got great style & I was excited to see what she would put together for me. You can also check out the outfit I styled for her.

I had a skirt that I had repurposed but hadn’t worn yet. I’ve had it for years in its original form, but never had an opportunity to wear it. It had a long, full skirt underneath a shear outer skirt. Then I started seeing short skirts under shear outer skirts & figured I’d probably get more use out of it that way, plus I loved the look so I got out my handy dandy scissors & a new skirt was born!

She offered me two suggestions & let me choose which one I wanted to go with. To be honest I was fairly sure from the start which one I would choose as one of the choices involved a belt & I just don’t wear belts. However, being a good paper doll, I tried it & turns out I love it! I still can’t believe I’m wearing a belt.  I wasn’t even sure I had a belt, but found one in the back of my closet. I’m not saying I’ll be wearing belts every day, but I’m planning on wearing them more often. Thanks so much Missy!



Cardigan: Walmart
Shirt: Ross
Skirt: Ross (remodeled by me)
Earrings & Belt: ?
Shoes: Forever 21

Paper Doll Project


2 thoughts on “The Paper Doll Project

  1. Looks fabulous! I’m glad you liked the belt…it is definitely not needed all the time but once and awhile it is exactly what is needed on an outfit. And thank you so much for the well wishes! You are definitely on my must read list too now!

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