Can You Really Have It All…


It’s amazing what a big difference a bit of planning & organisation will do for me. I’m pretty good about taking some time on Sundays to plan & prepare for the week ahead. However, the last few weeks I’ve gotten a bit slack, leaving meal & grocery planning until Monday morning before heading out to do the grocery shopping. And as far as having a plan for the week, well, I’ve had lots of ideas & thoughts about what I’d like to have happen, but have just let the days slip past. Some stuff would get done, a lot of other stuff would fall by the wayside.

Well, I got back into this week & took some time on Sunday to think about this week & what I wanted to get done. It’s amazing how it can change my outlook. Now I just have to follow through!

We did more yard work on Saturday – not our favourite thing to do, but it needs to be done. We created a sculpture/rock garden area that we still need to fill with blocks & rocks. I’ll post pictures when we get some in there.

I keep all my craft stuff in our garage, but it had gotten out of control & I couldn’t really get to the stuff easily so I took some time yesterday to sort it out. Absolutely necessary since some of my plans for this week include crafty things!

We’re also back on an earlier morning schedule which means regular exercise & quiet time. All this is fabulous. I just wish I could have it all together all at the same time. It often seems like when you get a couple of areas of your life together, other areas slack. I want it all! Is that too much to ask?

I’m posting my outfit, but I’m not feeling very inspired. I was also distracted during photo taking by a little boy who came outside in his socks which proceeded to get all wet & he wasn’t very happy about it. Must take some time to actually plan outfits rather than trying to figure it out in 5 minutes in the morning.

Dress: Target
Shrug: Made by Me
Jeggings: Pure Energy
Necklace & Ring: ?
Shoes: Blowfish Gimmik


2 thoughts on “Can You Really Have It All…

  1. i think that larger-than-life necklace pendant is beautiful. as is the color scheme of this ensemble. so lovely!
    also, may i just say, that i was totally drawn in by your blog header photo. socks with those fabulous unique wedges? awesome. totally awesome.
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you’d like!)

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a very productive weekend. And while I like to be lazy, I always feel better when I’m organized/productive. Also, I love that cardi! The colors/pattern is so fun!

    North Meets South

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