30 Days of Creativity – Day 12

I have pinned heaps of craft projects on Pinterest & I intend to try as many of them as possible. I was actually browsing my pins this evening to find some to do this week. I ended up being inspired enough to go ahead & try a couple tonight. 

I love pom poms. I do. Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve made any. I used this tutorial. It was a good reminder. I did as many wraps as suggested in the tutorial & they didn’t come out as lush as I like so I would recommend doing more. I also used my fingers for the first couple, but then went to a ruler. I’ll be making more as I really want some thick pom poms. I probably need to use thicker yarn as well.  Not sure what I will make with them yet.


Then I planned to do this tutorial as I have some nice lace bits lying around, but I got excited & wanted to see if it would work. The lace I have isn’t exactly right, but I still like the result. When I can buy things again, I’ll be getting some appropriate lace to try. I also used Fray Check instead of clear nail polish.

For more information about 30 Days of Creativity, click here.


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