I Still Have Everything I Need

I began a journey at the beginning of May that involves not buying anything for three months – August 3rd, to be exact. I am allowed to buy toiletries, medicine, groceries & needful things, but nothing else.

Let me tell you, it has been a challenge. I often use shopping as therapy – true retail therapy. It’s such a temporary & short-lived fix, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling good for a short time. It’s been good for me. I have made it through a month & 10 days & have done well.

I don’t go to stores besides the supermarket much these days. When I do, it’s in & out – no browsing. It’s hard for me to pass up those clearance items! I immediately delete all emails with specials & coupons. I toss catalogues. I have found it’s better just not to look!

I even ventured into Ikea & didn’t buy anything! That was crazy. We don’t live near an Ikea so any opportunity to visit is a big deal for me. We went to buy Zane’s big boy bed – a pre-arranged purchase. I just tried not to look at anything while we were there! Colin did buy me a couple of ice-cube trays that I had been wanting to use with crafts for the kids. I didn’t even ask!

Zane’s birthday is coming up this month as well & I have some leniency in being able to buy a couple of things for him & his party. I feel like I’m cheating if I get anything though!

What an amazing time this has been for me. I am looking around at what I already have & using it more. I’ve wanted to buy stuff for craft projects, but instead have dug into my supplies & made do with what I have. I’ve seen lots of pretty summer dresses & wanted to buy a new one, but have re-discovered some lovely things that I already had!

Pray for me as I complete these next couple of months. It is indeed a challenge!


2 thoughts on “I Still Have Everything I Need

  1. Great job Melissa! I do know the feeling of learning to use something else; it is freeing in many ways!

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