30 Days of Creativity – Day 19

Happy Father’s Day! Don’t know how it worked out, but we went to one of my favourite restaurants – the only Indian place in town. Colin loves it too, so that’s good. Colin played with the boys all day while I read, cooked & did some crafty/creative things. Colin really is an amazing Dad. Speaking of amazing Dad’s, I am so blessed to have mine. I’m thankful for the love of music, reading, thinking & a willingness to ask questions that he gave to me.

I got started on the boy’s outdoor chalkboard today. I saw this idea on Pinterest. Sanded, primed & the first coat of chalkboard paint on it. 24 hours & I can do the final coat. I’m excited to have it – I think the boy’s will have lots of fun with it.

Almost Ready

I can now also post a picture of the art work we made for Colin for Father’s Day. His office space at work is so bare & so I am setting out to add some nice touches. This was an idea that I also saw on Pinterest. All of our handprints. Colin has quite large hands!

I also made cheese & onion pasties for tea – one of my favourite things ever! And for my final creative act of the evening, I gave my oldest son his first buzz cut!

For more information about 30 Days of Creativity, click here.


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