Couch to 5K – Week 6

Phew! Made it through another week. The first two runs were pretty easy, but the last run of the week was a real mental battle. It wasn’t pretty & it sure wasn’t very fast, but I did it! I think it might have been more of a struggle because from here on out there are no walk/run intervals – it’s all running from now on (apart from the 5 minute warm up walk), just increasing times. It’s tough to do the start & stop thing with walking & running, but there is definitely a certain comfort level in knowing that you’ll be able to take a break in a couple of minutes. When there’s no break coming, you have to battle through mentally.

I was surprised to find that, towards the end of the 25 minute run, it was my legs that were having a harder time than my lungs. I’ve always thought I didn’t have much in the way of lung power & that I was quite strong. I see now that my muscles are going to have to do some catching up.

Here was the schedule this week:

Day 1
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 5 minutes
Walk – 3 minutes
Run – 8 minutes
Walk – 3 minutes
Run – 5 minutes

Total Walk = 11 minutes + whatever it takes to get home
Total Run = 18 minutes

Day 2
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 10 minutes
Walk – 3 minutes
Run – 10 minutes

Total Walk = 8 minutes + whatever it takes to get home
Total Run = 20 minutes

Day 3
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 25 minutes

Total Walk = 5 minutes + whatever it takes to get home
Total Run = 25 minutes

Praying for increased strength, endurance, good sleep & an end to the sore throat/ear thing that I’ve had for about 4 weeks now.


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