Couch to 5K – Week 8

Week 8 was a tough one. It didn’t start out very well. We were returning home to Oregon from Washington when we stopped to look at the amazing windmills near The Dalles. When we got back into our car, it just wouldn’t go. It was a very hot day & we were a bit off the beaten path. There was a bit of drama, but after about 3 hours in near 100 degree heat, with the boys, AAA came through & we were towed to The Dalles where our car was to be fixed the following day. We were all very hot & thirsty – we quickly went through all the liquid we had in our car, including our emergency water. So thankful for a lady named Tina who stopped & gave us water. Always keep lots of water in your car!

Windmill! Very cool. We had lots of time to look at them.

We made it to town, got the car fixed the next day & arrived safely at home. It was an adventure! However, it meant that I didn’t get Week 8, Day 1 run in. I thought about doubling up, but figured that it would probably be counter-productive. So I did two runs in Week 8 instead of three.

In the tow truck with two very hot, hungry tired boys. They were troopers.

Because of all the trouble I have with my feet, I had the brilliant idea to wear some serious, heavy-duty insoles for my first run of the week. It was a terrible idea! I was in pain for the entire run & could barely walk home after I had finished running. My last run of the week was better. It’s hard to believe I only have one week left in the program & that I’ll be running 30 minutes in a row! That’s a Bucket List item. Woohoo!

Here was the program for Week 8:

Day 1, 2 & 3 (I only did 2 days)
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 28 minutes

Total Walk = 5 minutes + however long it takes to get home.
Total Run = 28 minutes

Bring on Week 9!


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