Couch to 5K – Week 9

Week 9! I have completed the Couch to 5K Program! What?! On my 3rd try I made it through.

It was actually a very challenging week. Physically it was hard work. The first run was ok, but the second run felt like I never got that second wind that I love so much. Incidentally, I was thinking that I got the second wind around halfway, in fact, I usually get it about three-fourths of the way through the run.

Between my second & third run, I finally walked my route with my family & we used the GPS to map it out. Have to say, it was so discouraging. I knew I wasn’t running fast & despite the name of the program, I knew it was unlikely that I was actually running 5 kilometers, but I was really hoping for at least 4 kilometers. Turns out that I have been running 3.26 kilometers. That means I’m not running very fast at all. This really knocked me for a loop. I was super discouraged.

So, on to the final run of the program. I had a feeling it would be a bit tough, just because I was discouraged about it. I was not wrong. It was absolutely the hardest run I have done on the program – physically & mentally. I willed myself to stay at a slow & steady pace, but still it was so difficult physically. I have never wanted to stop & walk so much.

Turns out my subconscious was working against me & I had increased my pace – enough so that when I reached 3.26 kilometers, I still had 40 seconds to go. No wonder it was a struggle! It wasn’t a huge increase & it was painful, but it’s something.

So now I’ve done it. I did more than I thought possible & yet, I’m still a bit disappointed. The question is, will I continue to run or do I move on to something else? I’m not yet running like I do in my dreams – it’s pretty much a challenge from the moment I start to when I finish.

I think I know what I’m going to do, but I need to think about it some more before I commit.

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