Fashion on Friday – Halloween Edition

So my busy week turned into a few busy weeks. Today, we are having a snow day – enjoying a slower pace and a chance to catch up.

I had so much fun this Halloween and was able to wear my costume four times! Now that’s value.

I am a Doctor Who fan as is now obvious to everyone. It was fun to wear my costume to different events and find those who knew what I was and those who hadn’t a clue (which is ok, but I’m sad that they are missing out).

This outfit was so comfortable which was great as I wore it not only to parties and trick or treating,but also to our school Harvest Festival and to a kindergarten Halloween party that involved projectile vomiting (not me or mine, but very sad for the lad who did)!

October 2014 1112 October 2014 1119 October 2014 1120 October 2014 1118 October 2014 1113 IMG_20141025_194515 IMG_20141025_200012Most of my outfit came from Hot Topic – the dress, the head band (which lights up!), the earrings and the necklaces. Boots and shrug from Ross and the petticoat from Domino Dollhouse.

I love my Doctor (we couldn’t find a fez big enough for him and I wouldn’t let him shave his beard) and my Lego Emmet and my black cat.

Do yourself a favor and watch some Doctor Who!


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