Tasty Tuesday – Easy, Healthy, Tasty

Lettuce wraps have become one of our favorite, healthy meals. We are having them less now that it hasn’t been over freezing for nearly a week, but they are so easy and fresh, they’ll still be in the rotation for winter meals.

I have made Chinese-style lettuce wraps, Mexican-style lettuce wraps and these, Buffalo chicken wraps. These were so good and the lettuce and goat cheese were a nice balance to the heat of the Buffalo sauce.

October 2014 157 October 2014 158 October 2014 160 October 2014 159

Another easy, healthy meal is zucchini boats – you can mix it up with different styles – Italian, cheeseburger, Chinese – so many choices. I made Mexican this time.

October 2014 163 October 2014 162 October 2014 161

I’m always on the lookout for versatile, easy, healthy meal options. Let me know if you have some good ones.


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