Well, Hello 2016

So I apparently took a year off of blogging. I’m ok with that. It was good. I’ve got the itch again though, so I will give it another go.

One thing that I am doing this year is a Photo a Day Challenge. I did this for a month with friends in August and I loved it. I’ve done some research and I probably won’t be excited about doing it everyday the entire year, but overall it seems like a worthwhile challenge. I’ve been working on my skills both with taking the photos and some post-processing. I’m looking forward to trying different techniques. I will be posting my photos weekly rather than daily.

I truly do love the start of a new year, the beginning of a new week, the start of the school year. It’s a chance to assess, to reflect and to re-calibrate. I inevitably plan too much, aim too high and over-do the goal setting, but I also usually manage to hit some of those targets and discover that some of them weren’t what I really wanted in the first place or I simply move some of them to my next new beginning.

Welcome to 2016. I begin the year with gratitude for my life. I am rich in family, friends and faith. Wainogo 1215



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