2016 Photo a Day – Days 1-9

Day 1 – It’s time to take down the decorations. Each year I add a photo ornament, a chronicle of the boys as they grow. I usually buy one new ornament for the tree each year as well. This year it was a Tardis!

Day 01 2016
Day 1 2016

Day 2 – There are a lot of Lego Mini Figures in my life. The boys each received a mini figure a day as part of one of their Christmas advents. They’ve been watching over me.

Day 02 2016
Day 2 2016

Day 3 – I love this quote by Joss Whedon. Make…

Day 03 2016
Day 3 2016

Day 4 – It’s often hard to get good photos of our cat Checkers because of his dark fur. I was taking a bunch of photos of him sleeping and they just weren’t looking great. Then he yawned and I managed to catch it.

Day 04 2016
Day 4 2016

Day 5 – This was one of my crazy days. Take the boys to school, go to work, stop at the store, run home to get the boy’s gis that I forgot earlier, pick the boys up, go to karate, home, make some dinner (sort of) for the boys, Colin gets home, go to PTA meeting, home, change into my gi, go to karate class, home, realize I haven’t taken a photo of the day so snap one on the way to get the mail. Flip flops, gi and snow by street light.

Day 05 2016
Day 5 2016

Day 6 – Jude has been working hard to teach himself how to do a hand stand.

Day 06 2016
Day 6 2016

Day 7 – Thankful for the boy’s piano teacher and my friend. A lovely cup of tea while they have their lessons.

Day 07 2016
Day 7 2016

Day 8 – Some quiet time by myself at home. I drank a whole pot of tea by myself.

Day 08 2016
Day 8 2016

Day 9 – I had a bit of an angry day, my journal (and my sweet family) bore the brunt of it.

Day 09 2016
Day 9 2016

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