Photo a Day 2016 – Days 259-268

Day 259 – Spider web! I really don’t like spiders, their webs can be quite beautiful though.

Day 259 2016

Day 260 – It’s Fall! Candles and coziness.

Day 260 2016

Day 261 – Leaping!

Day 261 2016

Day 262 – The leaves are falling.

Day 262 2016

Day 263 – Macrame. My Grandma used to macrame and I’ve always loved it, but have been very intimidated by the process. I finally bit the bullet and did a very simple design. I would like to try some more complicated designs, but so glad that I finally went for it and just did it!

Day 263 2016

Day 264 – I love our dojo. Doing karate is such a challenging and overwhelming experience. I love the way things are done in out dojo – it’s tough, it’s hard, the standards are high. At the same time there is so much love and encouragement. This is one of our senseis receiving a black gi which is a big deal.

Day 264 2016

Day 265 – Shooting into the Sun.

Day 265 2016

Day 266 – Birthday Self-Portrait. More and more myself, everyday.

Day 266 2016

Day 267 – Living Room camp out. The boys and Daddy love to sleep downstairs in the living room.

Day 267 2016

Day 268 – This is Colin, on his birthday, teaching kids at church. He really is so talented in many ways – musically, intellectually, humorously and he’s great at teaching. I love watching him lead and guide his own kids and the kids at church. He’s pretty cool.

Day 268 2016

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