Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 2, Traditional Landscape

This week’s challenge was definitely a challenge. We’ve had so much snow, grey and dreary skies and then travel became hazardous and then school was cancelled for much of the week. I had time scheduled to go out and take my landscape photos, but the weather and school schedules didn’t cooperate. I do love the snow though and I am very thankful that the school district is working to keep kids safe.

Finally, on Friday, the sun came out in all its glorious splendour. The boys and I had to get out of the house so we ventured to downtown Bend and went to Drake Park. I had visions of the boys frolicking in the snow while I wandered around taking pictures. The reality is that it was flippin’ cold, the snow was crazy deep and we lasted about 10 minutes in the park. It was absolutely gorgeous with the blue sky and sunshine though.

I took several photos of the river and I can’t decide which I like best – I like different things about each of them.

I like the crispness of color and the shadows in this one.dsc_1944

I like the detail of the post in the foreground and the birds in the distance in this one.dsc_1942

I love shooting into the sun. You never know what effect you’ll get and I love this one. The trees, the sun, the reflection in the river.dsc_1946

And finally, because I love them so, a couple shots of my boys.dsc_1958dsc_1973


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