Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 1, Self Portrait

Self portraits are strange, but as a highly introspective person, I think they’re pretty cool too. There are many types of self portraits – you might want to highlight your best features, or one particular trait, or show something that people might not know about you. You might want to capture a moment in time, a struggle or a triumph. You might want to don a costume or a mask to convey something about yourself that is inside of you.

For my self portrait, I simply wanted to capture this moment in time. I’m seeing the years make their mark on my face. Time marches on. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to age, but it’s not always fun to see it happening to my face and body. The lines represent lots of worrying, tears and even some anger. There’s also so many smiles and a lot laughter etched into my face. Our friend, Gravity, is there too.

I’m thankful for the places these eyes have seen; Jamaican fruit trees, Tower Bridge, Lake Victoria, Crater Lake, my sister walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. I’m thankful for the sounds my ears have heard; Colin playing the piano, the voices of friends and family, the laughter of my boys. I’m thankful for the smells my nose has experienced – my Mom’s homemade bread, fresh cut grass, the London Underground (it’s a special smell). I’m thankful for the things that my mouth has tasted; jerk chicken from Barry’s at the end of our driveway in Linstead, Jamaica, a pint of Guinness at a pub in Dublin with Becky, a pot of Bi Bim Bap that my friends bought me when we went out for my birthday. I’m thankful for the things my hands have touched; my boy’s skin when they were babies, a bucket of wet plaster as it warms up before I dip scrim into it to create a sculpture, the dojo floor when I’m doing another push-up.

Genetics, time, experiences – these things shape us. This is me, January 2017.



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