London – Day 9 – Ancient and Modern, Magnificent and Mundane

London – Day 9 – July 18, 2019

Up early to meet the NZ Blacketts at the Skygarden for breakfast. It wasn’t cheap, but it was a fun experience and I had a couple of amazing cups of coffee and lovely porridge.

Heading up to the Sky Garden
Amazing cup of coffee.
Cloudy view.
Garden in the Sky
Looking down from the Sky Garden
Inside the Sky Garden
Inside the Sky Garden
Inside the Sky Garden

Wouldn’t you know it, we’d had sunny days non-stop since we arrived, but this day there was rain and low clouds. It managed to clear up enough for us to enjoy the view though. The garden was lovely and it was fun to get a high view of the city.

We showed them St Dunstan-in-the-East before heading toward Tower Bridge. Along the way we stopped in to All Hallows by the Tower Church. It was a lovely place with a museum in the Crypt with lots of interesting artifacts and bits of Roman times.

St Dunstan-in-the-East
All Hallows by the Tower Church
Colin listening to the organ being played in All Hallows by the Tower Church
All Hallows by the Tower Church
All Hallows by the Tower Church
Inside a small chapel in the Crypt of All Hallows by the Tower Church.

We walked by the outside of the Tower of London and then went into Tower Bridge. I love being inside the Bridge as it’s such a meaningful place to us. There’s a glass walkway that’s fun to walk over, Colin even managed it for a bit.

Traitor’s Gate which is where Lady Jane would have entered the Tower.
Traitor’s Gate
In front of the Tower of London
The Beautiful Bridge.
Heading up to Tower Bridge
Blacketts on the Bridge
View from Tower Bridge
Glass floor of Tower Bridge.
Inside the Bridge

Then it was on to Burough Market for lunch. It was packed! Very popular.

Tower Bridge Family
Zane by the Thames
Walking along the Thames
Borough Market

We carried on along the river to the Tate Modern. We didn’t have a plan at first for what to see which was a misstep, but managed to get on our way. I loved it! I love seeing people express their ideas and thoughts through art. It’s not all my cup of tea, but I love to see it nonetheless. There was an Anthony Gormley piece which was great as he’s one of my favourite artists.

The Tate Modern
The Tate Modern
A sculpture made out of everyday items.
Making their own mark on a fabric wall – ever-changing art.
A very cool piece – radios from different eras some of them working. A cool visual and audio sculpture.
Zane and a Picasso.
So glad I could see an Antony Gormley sculpture. He’s one of my favourite artists.
Colin and an Antony Gormley sculpture. Both fine works of art.
Wandering through the gallery.
Art Experience
Colin and the kids experiencing some art.

Another side note. The museums, galleries, concerts, and shows are all amazing, but the buildings themselves are just incredible. Tate Modern is in an old power station and is a great backdrop for modern art.

Again, seeing my boys in these places and experiencing the art is so special to me.

We headed to Westminster Abbey for Evensong. It was a great service, most of it sung by a choir. I do love liturgy – I love that the words have been thought about, deliberated over, prayed about and condensed, and that they are so full of meaning and truth. It was also cool to pray for the Queen and her family in their church where weddings and coronations have taken place.

Westminster Cathedral.
Westminster Cathedral.

While we were there, we saw the graves of Isaac Newton, William Wilberforce, Charles Darwin and strangely enough, Stephen Hawking.

We split from the NZ Blacketts and headed to Michael’s Fish Bar on Hainault Road in Leytonstone. This was our local fish and chip shop when I lived with my parents on Cavendish Drive. It did not disappoint at all. It was all so good – the fish and chips, incredibly generous portions and a great price. I’m pretty sure that the food sign inside has not changed since we went there every Friday night, many years ago.

Michael’s Fish Bar. Go to there.
I’m pretty sure this hasn’t changed since this was my local chippy.
So amazing!
Eating fish and chips.

Zane now says there are two stores they need to bring to Bend, Gregg’s Bakery and Michael’s Fish Bar.

We went past 90 Cavendish Drive and on to Leytstone High Road and our old flat. Steph and Philip lived in the flat before us and it’s where Colin and I lived after we got married. None of us can remember the number of the flat though we all know where it was within a few doors.

Back to Stratford – socks and underpants for Zane, just in time! Then back to the hotel, a bit dehydrated and with aching feet.

33,340 steps

13.9 miles!


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