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London – Day 10 – Museums, Rain, Friends

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London – Day 10 – July 19, 2019

Had an early morning fire alarm at the hotel. Thankfully it was a false alarm.

Met up with the NZ Blacketts at the Science Museum. Lots of cool exhibits. We went to the Top Secret: From Ciphers to Cyber Security Exhibit. It was fascinating. I particularly was amazed about the story of Russian spies living in London – Morris and Lorna Kroger. It is a crazy story of the spy next door.

Science Museum

From Ciphers to Cyber Security.

Solving Codes

There was also an exhibit called Who Am I? that was quite interesting. Space travel, communication, mathematics, chemistry, recycling, transportation, and more – there’s so much to explore.

Who Am I? (I’m 24601! Les Mis Reference)

We don’t have Anglophobia.

Periodic Table with some of the Elements

Particle Accelerator

First Prototype of the Clock of the Long Now

Boaty McBoatface!

Science Museum

Science Museum

We had a rainy hunt for lunch, our first rainy day since arriving in London. There were a number of museums around South Kensington Tube Station and they were all accessible by a walking subway which was really nice. We headed to the Natural History Museum. This was definitely another of those museums where the building is as much a feature as what is housed inside, it’s really impressive. It was also packed! We went through the dinosaur bones exhibit and it was cool to see all the bones. We also went to the Minerals Gallery which was lovely, being a bit of a rock hound, shiny things person, I loved looking at all the stones in both their natural and polished forms.

Walking Tunnel Between Museums

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Main Hall

Dinosaur Bones!

Natural History Museum


A bunch of Kiwis and a Kiwi Bird.

Escalator into the Earth’s Core

The four of us then headed off to Elm Park for dinner with our friends Carl and Viv. It was so good to share life with them and catch up. I love how we’ve been able to reconnect with friends on this trip and just be together and share.

Carl and Viv

Jude building stuff at Carl and Viv’s

Experiences and Relationships are so important and sharing experiences with friends and family makes life rich.

Back to the hotel, ready for bed.

19.130 steps

7.97 miles

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