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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 22

Jude went to Outdoor School at Camp Tamarack which is a 5th grade rite of passage. I got to tag along as a parent chaperone. It was a great experience for Jude and he loved it and said his least favourite part was having to leave. The staff and volunteers do such an amazing job of sharing their love of nature and community with the kids.

I had some free time and was able to do most of the hikes around the camp. The lake is Dark Lake and it was just gorgeous. It was amazing to see the stark beauty of the wildfire damage and the new life coming through. There were some serious Bob Ross moments happening as well!

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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 19

We’re a karate family. We all do karate together and have done so for a couple of years. We’re not particularly good at it, but we love the art, both the physical and mental aspects. That’s not to say that it’s easy or that we are all super excited for every class, but it’s been good for our family. My boys participated in a tournament last month and I am just so proud when I see these photos of how far they have come. It takes an incredible amount of courage to get up in front of lots of people, judges and other competitors and perform.

So proud.

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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 52: Portrait, Another Self Portrait

Final Photo of the 2017 Photo Challenge. I’m going to do better next year at not getting so far behind.

I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had this year to express myself creatively, to try and fail, to improve, to learn. Looking forward to another year of challenge, change and doing scary things.

Week 52